Clever software solutions for sophisticated instruments
We develop industrial-grade software
for analytical and technological equipment

Our expertise is not just in programming
Experience in analytical instruments
Our previous experience comprises more than 15 years of service and analytical support of OE and XRF spectrometers, X-Ray diffractometers, digital radiography and CT systems. We use this knowledge to develop novel products, combining the best from the past with new ideas and solutions.
Development of new analysis methods and algorithms
We successfully use our knowledge and PhD degrees in physics, math and modern data processing approaches to develop new algorithms and methods of analysis. For example, Bath Ratio measurement by combined XRD/XRF analysis in the aluminum industry, real-time processing of large X-Ray images by GPU etc.
Hardware and integration in mind
The years of experience allows us to effectively communicate with a variety of target hardware: 1D-2D-3D signal detectors, X-Ray and optical image sensors, X-Ray generators, mechanical components and robotic systems, protection and safety devices. Our products can be easily integrated to a central plant control system or connected to third-party equipment.
UX/UI are important
Software for complicated technological equipment is often developed by hardware engineers and suffers from outdated approaches. This results in overcomplicated old-fashioned interfaces and rather disagreeable user experience. We make every effort to bring convenient UI to unveil all advantages of modern hardware.
Industrial-grade software quality
Our products are designed for reliable and efficient 24/7 work and have been successfully tested for already more than 10 years of industrial applications. Our support team is quite upset, as we receive no bug reports for years.

Let's work together!
Unicore Solutions is doing a good job. Their high productivity is not restricted by limited team size and their high development speed does not lead to increase in bug spawning which is quite rare.

I'd like to note their expertise in image processing including non-typical architectures (like Elbrus) and ability to work at a low level (OpenGL) which is not very common. The whole bunch of our heterogeneous hardware was integrated without any problems. These guys definitely have experience in working with industrial equipment.

I'd recommend this company for developing products from scratch including when efficient autonomous remote work of RnD team is needed.

Artem Ustinov
Director General, Prodis.NDT