X-Ray component counter
Quick counting of SMD components in reels, cases, pallets, and tape scraps
Prodis.NDT (Russia)
Operating systems:
Windows, Linux

Technology stack:
C++ 14–17, Qt/Qml, CUDA
Software description

The component counter is a tool designed to count electronic components in reels, tubes and strips of tapes at an assembly production site. It allows to count capacitors, resistors, oscillators, capacitances, LEDs, transistors, diodes, and other components of complex shapes.
Key features

  • Automatic detection of reels in the picture
  • Counting for multiple reels in one shot
  • Counting of components of complex shapes
  • Component database for automatic selection of counting parameters
  • Ability to count both scattered components and those in reels
  • Two counting methods (using component template and morphology)
  • Individual image processing for each component
  • Labeling results for further analysis
  • Barcode scanner support
  • Different export formats for the results