Control software for automated sampling system
Robotic sampling system of the fertilizer plant, including quality control and transmitting results to central server
Phosagro (Russia)
Windows x86, Siemens microcontrollers

Technology stack:
C, Java/Spring

The software for control of an automated robotic sampling system for one of the biggest Phosagro plants was developed in 2010 together with ASG Engineering company.

It is responsible for fully automated control of an enormous robotic sampling system, performing quality checking of sampled materials, running analytical measurements, transmitting results to the central plant server, and regulating production parameters.

Pure C modules were used to control numerous Siemens microcontrollers. Several kinds of UIs were implemented to manage the system and monitor the results. Central control station in Java is used to operate the whole system. Backend server generates a number of various reports that can be accessed from any place through a web browser by responsible personnel.

The integration of the developed solution has reduced the production costs, increased performance and quality of sampling, made it much more convenient and effective for engineering personnel. The system outperformed competitive solutions by that time and works to this day.